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The Camo Mask That Beats All Others [VIDEO]

This new generation camo mask is a “must get” on your hunting list.

We all know that wearing a camo mask can be the difference of a really awesome hunt and a hunt that you just want to forget. Especially with hunting turkeys, masking your face is super important.

BunkerHead has come out with a new head net that attaches to the bill of your cap and allows you to mold the cloth to the type of mask you desire.  The mask allows you the opportunity to decide whether you wish to cover only your face or your whole head.

This video from Philip Bullock shares the details of its use.

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The mask comes in multiple camo collections as well as two solid colors to choose from. The mask also comes in four different fabric types:

  • Bug Netting: allowing you to use during the hot weather conditions
  • Cotton: allowing you to use during fall weather conditions
  • Fleece: allowing you to use during colder weather conditions, a lincer is also sold for extreme cold weather conditions.
  • 3D Bug Net: 3D leaf look that is used for the hot weather conditions.

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Featured image via BunkerHead

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The Camo Mask That Beats All Others [VIDEO]