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Cameron Hanes Talks Arrow Types for Beginners

Arrow types
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If you’re just getting started with bow hunting, hearing what Cameron Hanes has to say about arrow types will be helpful. 

After getting a good bow, the first thing you’ll need to get to practice and prepare to do a bit of bowhunting is a good set of arrows. There are many, many, different types of arrows and arrow tips that you can use in your archery pursuits. Luckily, Cameron Hanes is here to help you figure out what some of the differences in them are.

The biggest part of making sure that your shooting can improve is to match a set of arrows to your bow and then continue to shoot those same arrows whether you’re target shooting, shooting 3D tournaments, or out hunting. Changes in your arrows can, and will, change the results of your shooting and it’s best to find out which during practice and not when it really matters.

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Cameron Hanes Talks Arrow Types for Beginners