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Cameron Hanes Shoots His Bow Through His House

In preparation for a Cabela's ribbon cutting ceremony, Cameron Hanes gets in some unorthodox archery practice by shooting through his house.

Watch the video to see if you are confident enough to take a shot like this.

Obviously, if you're going to try Cameron Hanes' unorthodox archery practice technique, you should keep safety in mind. Make sure no one is going to walk in front of an arrow and turn your fun into a disaster.

This shot is just one of the ways that Cameron strives to be the ultimate predator. By adding pressure to your practice shots, shooting while out of breath, or taking aim at targets outside of your comfortable range, you can improve your own shooting and be ready to hit the woods this fall.

Just don't blame me if you shoot an arrow through your door jamb or your wife's computer.


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Cameron Hanes Shoots His Bow Through His House