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Cameron Hanes Recovers His Second Alaskan Brown Bear Kill [VIDEO]

Bowhunting athlete Cameron Hanes and partners trail and find the second giant brown bear he shot in Alaska.

Hanes, his guide Roy Roth, and friend John Rivet follow the blood trail of this monster bear until they find it.

The big bear is covered with battle scars from previous fights, has a fearsome set of worn teeth, and claws longer than a man's fingers.

Hanes took this brown bear over bait, which he describes as a totally different experience than hunting black bear over bait. "They're smart, super smart," he says as he and Roth discuss the differences between black bears and grizzlies on bait.

Hanes repeatedly exclaims his amazement at the mass, weight, and underlying muscle of the bear.

He points the camera to his friend Rivet for his thoughts, and Rivet excitedly responds. "It's crazy! It's a frickin' giant! This is the biggest bear I've ever seen in my life. It's unreal. The feet. The head. He's all scarred up. He's beat up from fighting in the rut. It's crazy. It's like a dinosaur," says Rivet.

At the end of the video, the men field dress the bear and begin to pack the animal out. Hanes struggles to get the two massive hind quarters onto his back before hauling the first load back to camp.

This is a great video. It shows the satisfaction and joy hunters feel when accomplishing the tough and noble task of harvesting a big game animal and acquiring their own sustenance.

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Cameron Hanes Recovers His Second Alaskan Brown Bear Kill [VIDEO]