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Cameron Hanes Narrates Beast Mode Brown Bear Bowhunt [VIDEO]

Cameron Hanes narrates as his friend Roy embarks on an intense brown bear bowhunt.

A brown bear bowhunt is not for the faint of heart and this video proves why.

Watch to see how close this hunter gets to some ornery brown bears while hunting in Alaska.

The footage of this brown bear bowhunt was originally intended for a TV show featuring Roy Roth and Cameron Hanes titled "Beast Mode Bowhunting." The show was never picked up and the footage has been lying around ever since.

This hunt was just one of many adventure bowhunts that Cam and Roy enjoyed together. Sadly, on Oct. 4, while Dall sheep hunting, Roy fell to his death.

My condolences go out to Roy's family and friends. His death should serve as a reminder to all outdoorsmen and women that while the risks are real, they are worth it.

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Cameron Hanes Narrates Beast Mode Brown Bear Bowhunt [VIDEO]