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Cameron Hanes and FullMag Explode Targets with Bows and Arrows

We’ve all seen numerous guns explode targets, but what about bows and arrows?

While there are numerous targets available for shooters to explode, archers have very limited options. Most of which involve some sort of flaming arrows which can be more than a little dangerous.

If you have the know how you can create low velocity exploding targets. Luckily the guys at FullMag who are known for their amazing explosive videos happen to know the recipe. They joined up with hunter and archer Cameron Hanes to blast arrows through some of these targets attached to balloons.

Check out the action in the video below.

I love exploding targets. There is just nothing more satisfying than the boom that follows a bullseye shot. I would love to get my hands on some of these for sure to fling my own arrows at, maybe something with a little more bang though.

If you don’t have a license to create explosives like these guys don’t worry. There are a few explosive targets on the market for archers that you can purchase online. The best of which seems to be the Airflight target from a small company in the UK called Firebird.

If you want more explosive arrow action, be sure to check back to the FullMag YouTube Channel often. They are already planning some more archery based videos which I’m sure will end up putting this one to shame.


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Cameron Hanes and FullMag Explode Targets with Bows and Arrows