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Camera-Wearing Diver Barely Escapes Great White Shark [VIDEO]

This spear fisherman had the shock of his life waiting for him at the bottom of the ocean.

Johan Potgieter, a South African cameraman and writer, was scuba diving when this monster great white shark swam right by his face.

This video captures it all as the shark heads right into attack mode. Make sure to turn your volume on to hear Johan’s reaction.

Johan writes on his YouTube post, “I dived down to the edge of 19m (about 63 feet) and when I leveled out on the bottom I looked first to my right, and then as I looked to my left the Great White was right next to me.”

As he screams, either to frighten the shark or as an initial reaction, he realizes he has to defend himself. Luckily, he had his spear with him.

Johan noticed the shark was exhibiting dangerously aggressive behavior, like “speeding off, making a sharp turn, dropping his pectoral find, and coming straight toward him.”

When the great white shark turned back and swam directly toward his head, he was able to poke it with his spear and ward off the shark, but not for long.

The great white shark followed Johan to the surface to try to snag his dinner one last time, which is basically unheard of in other great white encounters.

What would you do if you encountered this situation? And how lucky is Johan, escaping unharmed with his life?

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Camera-Wearing Diver Barely Escapes Great White Shark [VIDEO]