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CamelBak Stresses Hydration with Their M.A.P.S. at SHOT Show 2016

CamelBak’s M.A.P.S. allows you to pull potable water from any source.

Regardless of the kind of outdoor endeavor you enjoy, hydration is the name of the game. Without proper hydration methods, a day in the great outdoors could turn sour fast. Luckily’s CamelBak’s new hydration system, debuted at SHOT 2016, is designed for that purpose.

M.A.P.S. allows you to get water from any water source, whether it be from flowing water or from a stagnant pool. Microbes are the enemy when trying to filter water from an unverified source, and the best way to combat any of these potential bacterial infections is with a solid portable water filter. That’s where CamelBak’s water filter system called M.A.P.S comes into play.

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The M.A.P.S. filter attaches easily to the bladder that is already integrated into previously purchased CamelBaks. The grey filter and purging valve is the additional add-on. The filter allows the user to test and drain the water being filtered to ensure that the water is still potable, ensuring the drinker will not get sick or drink contaminants. The filter is designed to carefully clean the water at a quick rate.

The newest packs, The Rubicon and the Skirmish, are made from 500D Cordura to keep the pack light and abrasion resistant. The laser-cut molle will allow troops and hunters to add pouches to the pack while still keeping everything modular. The packs are being released in mutli-cam and coyote tan.

The laser cut molle is also integrated inside the pack to keep the miscellaneous pouches protected. The pack includes a large main pouch with two mesh bags to keep clothing separate. Make no mistake, these bags are huge! These two bags are designed for multi day excursions and will hold a couple of days worth of supplies.

Both packs include wide shoulder and hip straps to evenly displace the weight. The water bladder is placed at the bottom of the pack so that the liquid weight is now placed on the hip region rather than the upper shoulders. Channeled air vents are also stitched into the back of the bag to help maximize air flow. Four compression straps are also stitched onto the exterior of the bag to allow the bags to be compressed and keep everything sturdy.

CamelBak guarantees their bags with their Got Your Bak lifetime warranty. These bags have served troops overseas, and have been to some of the roughest terrain.

CamelBak is definitely looking forward with the M.A.P.S. system and ensuring your hunts and deployments will never leave you thirsty. No matter which pack you choose, its always better than the Bear Grylls method of storing emergency water.

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CamelBak Stresses Hydration with Their M.A.P.S. at SHOT Show 2016