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What Did Cameron Hanes Admit to Using for His Training?

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He's a good writer and a hard worker. But, there could be more to Cameron Hanes than that.

Every backcountry hunter knows the name. You probably enjoyed his articles and maybe his book. Then, more recently, you've seen his hunting pics and internet presence increase drastically.

You probably have wondered to yourself, "How does he do it?"

cam hanes ped's

At one point he admitted on his own website to have used over the counter supplements, some of which have been linked to steroids in hybrid forms. The article is from several years ago, but apparently gained no traction until now.

He's marketing supplements which cost a couple hundred dollars per month. Either steroids, if they work, or snake oil, if they don't. It may be difficult to believe there's a clean way to achieve those gains.

Here's the key passage, straight from Cam Hanes' pen [sic]: "Grab a piece of paper and a pen now. On any given day, for growth, I take one tablet each of external testosterone in the A.M. and P.M. from Legal Limit Labs called Super Nova, along with another LLL productcalled Halo-Zol and anabolic optimizer from LLL..."

Allow me to interpret. "Super Nova" is a clone of Superdrol, an anabolic steroid. "Halo-Zol" is a clone of Halodrol, a testosterone derivative. Understand: these supplements he's selling are legal. Just not if you're an athlete in the NCAA, NFL, or the Olympics. And they work.

However, their safety is the subject of much debate. Hepatoxicity is the main concern: liver damage from harmful chemicals. Superdrol can be damaging to cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Not to mention the acne, hair growth, and gynecomastia.

What's your take? Does it matter? Are over the counter supplements being fairly connected to steroids?

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What Did Cameron Hanes Admit to Using for His Training?