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Why These So-Called ‘Proven’ Fishing Tactics Don’t Work [PICS]

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Are you dedicated to a certain honey hole or convinced that changing your bait will work?

Before you go out on your next fishing trip, remember not all “proven” fishing tactics will help you catch a fish.

The Honey Hole

You call it your lucky spot for a reason, but you’re not always guaranteed fish at a given location. Water and weather conditions play a large role in fish behavior.

Don’t always rely on the “I caught fish here yesterday. I’ll catch them here again today” mentality.

The Perfect Fly Fishing Form

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Presentation is a big part of fly fishing, and it takes a certain amount of finesse to perfectly lay your fly on the water without disturbing it.

However, perfect form is not the end game. You don’t necessarily need it to catch a good fish, and having it doesn’t mean you will catch one at all.

Round Bobbers

Claire Heffron

It’s the first image most of us think of when we hear the word “bobber.” It is the classic, round, red-and-white ball bobbing around above our bait. They certainly have their places in our tackle boxes.

However, you’re more likely to get fewer bites using them as opposed to their tapered counterparts. Round bobbers create more tension in the water when a fish bites, which increases the possibility of spooking the fish.

The Newest Gear & Equipment

The Wood Cottage
The Wood Cottage

As I mentioned above, we’ve all jumped on some sort of new gear bandwagon. We head out thinking this new rod/lure/bait scent is going to land a big catch.

If you’re in denial about being on said bandwagon, you at least know someone who has more gear in his or her tackle box than anyone could ever need. This is because he or she is convinced this next “new thing” is going to land the fish of a lifetime.

Find a few things that work for you in a given scenario, whether you’re off shore or pond fishing, and stick with them. Don’t count on the “new” technology to help you land a fish.

The Helpers

Multiple crimp weights, steel leaders, and snap swivels are fairly common. They help make the changing of rigs and bait go more quickly, and they prevent a fish from breaking a line off too easily.

Like the round bobber, you’re more likely to get fewer bites when you use these rigs. Too much is going on around the bait itself and fish are less likely to come in for a closer look. Don’t forget: those items don’t occur in nature, so fish don’t expect them to be there.

The Early Morning Bite

Bright Side Outdoors

A commonly held belief is that the early morning bite can be a great start to your day. However, as the morning wears on, your chances of catching a fish, or even getting a bite, decrease exponentially.

Try fishing later in the afternoon. Fish tend to keep busy around dusk, so your late afternoon casts can only improve your luck as the day wears on.

There you have it. These “proven tactics” won’t help you catch a fish, or at least won’t guarantee it. Just remember to always do what works best for you in your given situation.

Also, don’t forget to have fun! What’s fishing about if you’re not having fun?

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Why These So-Called ‘Proven’ Fishing Tactics Don’t Work [PICS]