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This So-Called “Fishing Buddy” is the Worst Ever


This might possibly be the worst fishing buddy ever, so don’t be that guy

Maybe he’s your brother in law, or that guy that you call when everyone else has to work, but this parody video from Mystery Tackle Box shows how to be the worst fishing buddy anybody could possibly be. He probably doesn’t even know how to properly hold a spinning reel. If you’re a beginner filling a seat in someone else’s boat, this video should explain exactly how NOT to behave on board.

It’s good to ask questions when you’re learning, but keep the chatter to a minimum. Sometimes connecting with nature means disconnecting with everything else. Many people head for the great outdoors to escape the constant chatter, and the sounds of nature are something to be revered. This goes double for chattering to other anglers on the water. The person you’re fishing with is responsible for your behavior on the water. Do your best to leave the talking up to him (or her).

And for God’s sake, if the fishing isn’t ideal, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any fish in the water, that’s just how it goes.

Lots of things go through an angler’s mind when they’re not getting a bite, but most of them should probably be kept to yourself unless it’s something like “Sure is a beautiful day on the water.”



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This So-Called “Fishing Buddy” is the Worst Ever