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Could You Call in Turkeys with a Horseshoe Nail?

Professional turkey guide, Doug Herman, has mastered the art of calling turkeys with a horseshoe nail.

He also needs a hollowed out block of wood and a ceramic stone to work his magic. The call works in much the same way as a pot and peg call, with the horseshoe nail acting as the striker and the ceramic stone as the pot.

Watch the video to see the variety and quality of sounds Herman is able to make with his homemade turkey call.

Using turkey calls that other hunters in your area are not, and possessing the ability to operate all of your calls effectively, is often the key to tagging hunter-wise longbeards. I don’t know a single hunter in my area that hits the woods toting a horseshoe nail call, and I know A LOT of turkey hunters.

Like any call, the horseshoe nail call requires some practice to perfect, but once you have it down, the rewards will come in the form of swinging beards and scrumptious breast meat courtesy of nature’s butterball.



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Could You Call in Turkeys with a Horseshoe Nail?