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Animal Planet Show Cages Sick, Unresponsive Coyote to Use in Filming

Call of the Wildman, a popular Animal Planet show, had its poor treatment and fake scenarios exposed by a Mother Jones report.

New photographic evidence from Mother Jones showed a sickly, thin and weak-looking coyote in a cramped cage, obtained from an apparent whistle blower involved in the filming of the show. Perhaps the worst part is that the trapped coyote was so unresponsive that it had to be swapped for another before filming began.

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While filming on location in Kentucky, a coyote was captured by request of the show's producers and kept, based on internal documents obtained by Mother Jones, for three days inside the small cage without attention. At the last moment, the animal was deemed "sick and unresponsive," and another was brought in from Ohio as a replacement.

Coyotes, by Kentucky law, are prohibited from being brought across borders and into the state. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife is conducting their own review of the latest situation.

Further investigation from Mother Jones revealed that "nuisance wildlife control operators" used by the show to capture animals for filming are licensed, but rarely report captures and border crosses to the proper authorities. Read the full story, and think about whether or not you'll be tuning in to watch Call of the Wildman anytime soon.

It doesn't really matter how you feel about coyotes, you should know they don't deserve to be treated like this.


A coyote is kept in a cage behind the scenes of 'Call of the Wildman.' Photo via Mother Jones

A seven-month investigation by Mother Jones first led to raised eyebrows surrounding the production of Call of the Wildman, and the US Department of Agriculture and Texas authorities are already looking into the show.

Coyotes are seen as a nuisance in many parts of North America, and the increasing number of coyote and human interaction cases has contributed to the success of shows like Call of the Wildman. With proper hunting regulations in place, states have found that coyote populations can be controlled to some extent. The issue is dynamic and complex, complete with coyote and wolf hybrids that lead to mistaken identity cases.

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But when shows go this far, forgetting the fact that their idea of "reality" television is taken rather liberally, it's time for law enforcement to step in.

Sure, a coyote in your barn or on your hunting property can certainly cause a problem, but there are ethical, responsible ways of going about eradicating them, whether it's through legal and reported harvesting or nuisance wildlife control operators who follow the rules. And preferably ones that don't need to fake their captures to make their TV shows more exciting.

What are your thoughts on this story? Should the show be under attack and receive legal repercussions? Will you still watch the show anyway? Leave your comments below.

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Animal Planet Show Cages Sick, Unresponsive Coyote to Use in Filming