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Call of Action from California for 'Catastrophic' Klamath Fish Kill

A potential record Klamath fish kill looms in California.

The Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) is a Northern California non-profit conservation group, and a recent piece on their site brought to attention the drastic situation in the Klamath River.

You can read the full article here, but the gist is this: record low water levels due to a drought, as well as hot temperatures, are giving up to 60,000 fall Chinook salmon a difficult time.

Their annual spawning run may not happen thanks to the bad conditions, and EPIC is working to convince the Bureau of Reclamation, the Secretary of the Interior and President Obama to release preventative flows into the Trinity River.

You can electronically sign and send letters through EPIC's website here.

Signs point to this year's drought being worse than the record 2002 conditions that caused the US's largest fish kill in the books.

Do the salmon and rivers need our help? If you think so, sign the letters and leave a comment below.

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Call of Action from California for 'Catastrophic' Klamath Fish Kill