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California’s Manhattan Beach Pier Lifts Fishing Ban After Shark Attack

Manhattan Beach lifts fishing ban and instills new regulations.

After a hooked and agitated shark bit a swimmer near the Manhattan Beach Pier in July, the city has reopened the temporarily closed pier and set forth new fishing regulations for anglers who use it.

The rules prohibit the use of steel, metal or braided leader lines; extra large hooks often used to catch sharks; anything other than a monofilament line with a maximum 40 pound test line weight; using more than two hooks on a single line; and cleaning of fish on the pier or chumming.

The Daily Breeze reported that state agencies were urging the city not to surpass its legal bounds, but they went ahead and instituted new regulations.

The council argued that the urgency fishing regulations related to equipment and methods are necessary to protect the health and safety of swimmers and surfers in the wake of a recent shark attack.

“This is about protecting people who use the beach,” said Councilman Wayne Powell. “We need to have regulations in place. (These) are reasonable. They won’t deny anglers their livelihoods, and they’re going to protect the safety and health of the public.”

Now that the pier has reopened, the question on whether or not the knee-jerk reactions were overkill after a freak accident, or if there truly is a safety issue with pier fishing for large game fish and sharks.

What’s your opinion? Is pier fishing safe? What’s the advantage of fishing from a pier? Do you do it often? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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California’s Manhattan Beach Pier Lifts Fishing Ban After Shark Attack