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California Wildlife Officer Fired for Writing Letter Defending Ted Nugent [VIDEO]

A California Fish and Wildlife officer was fired for writing a letter defending the outspoken hunter and political activist.

Ted Nugent is a polarizing figure; people either love him or hate him. Mention Nugent in a small group of people—no matter what their backgrounds are—and you’re bound to get strong responses either condemning him or defending him. For Robert Simpson, a former California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) patrol captain, defending the Motor City Madman ended up costing him his job. Here’s the story from ABC 30.

In 2010, Ted Nugent got caught illegally hunting in California. He plead no contest to the charges and lost his hunting privileges in the state. He later bashed the CDFW, claiming he plead no contest to the charges because he was manipulated into “entrapment by corrupt authorities.”

Two years later, Nugent was charged again with illegally hunting, this time in Alaska for taking a bear. As he faced federal charges, Simpson wrote Nugent a letter of recommendation on CDFW letterhead using his CDFW credentials. The department later fired Simpson for writing the letter.

Simpson reportedly knew that he wasn’t supposed to use the letterhead, and he allegedly had used the letterhead once before to ask a congressman for help with a court marshall his own son was facing. Aside from that, Simpson had a clear record.

Now Simpson is fighting to get his job back, but the odds are stacked against him. The CDFW has a strong case to not bring Simpson back, and with Nugent’s history of bashing the department, they likely won’t reconsider their decision to terminate Simpson any time soon.

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California Wildlife Officer Fired for Writing Letter Defending Ted Nugent [VIDEO]