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California Waterfowl Season to be Affected by Drought

California’s serious drought conditions may limit your hunting opportunities for waterfowl season.

California’s serious drought conditions have depleted water levels in many of the Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) waterfowl hunters frequent. The available amount of water within the WMAs vary and hunters should be checking California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) for frequent updates on the status of each.

CDFW is making an attempt to only allow hunter reservations for WMAs that are currently expected to be open for the coming waterfowl season. Last minute closures may occur and refunds will not be allowed for those areas.

Hunter reservations and quota numbers are expected to change periodically this season so hunters should be aware that they need to monitor the department’s website for more information. The Twitter hashtag #cawildlifeareaclosures can be used to receive real time updates on WMA statuses.

In an effort to expand public hunting opportunities, California has made available hunting opportunities through the Shared Habitat Alliance for Recreational Enhancement Program in Merced County. This program allows hunter’s access to Goose Lake Wildlife Management Area and Merced Wildlife Management Area.

Hunters must complete a hunter’s safety course and purchase a license before access to wildlife management areas.

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California Waterfowl Season to be Affected by Drought