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California Surfer Gets Breaching Shark on Camera

breaching shark
Image via Screenshot

One California Surfer was lucky enough to both catch a breaching shark on camera, and escape the water unscathed.

Two California surfers were paddling back out into the breakers this week when one decided to start recording on his GoPro camera. Luckily for him, and all of us, just seconds later a great white shark jumped up out of the water and Drew Palumbo was in the perfect position to catch the breaching shark on camera.

Great White Sharks are not all that uncommon off the California coast and especially in the Sunset Beach area but seeing them breach like this is still quite an amazing sight. Scientists have tagged well over a dozen Great Whites in the area and suspect that there is an increased amount of shark activity this year because of warmer waters off the California coast.

There have been other reports of Great White sharks in the area and the reports, along with this footage was enough to get some surfers to move to a different spot, at least until things cool down a little.

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California Surfer Gets Breaching Shark on Camera