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California Seals Get Washed Away By a Big Wave

Facebook/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Get a quick chuckle by watching some unsuspecting seals get washed off their rock by a big wave.

Seals are extremely agile marine mammals and are adept at swimming, but they aren't quite as graceful on dry land. However, that pesky need to breath air and get dry every once in a while means that seals have to come ashore every so often.

The seals in this video were resting on a rock in King Range National Conservation Area in California when an unexpected rush of water from a big wave knocked them all clear of the rock. After the water clears away, only one of the seals is left on the rock. It almost seems to look around in confusion about where his friends disappeared to.

Seals are so at home in the water that it is a very safe bet that all of the speedy swimmers in the video made it clear of the wave just fine. They were probably reunited with their left behind friend on another nearby rock in no time at all!


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California Seals Get Washed Away By a Big Wave