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California Police Trying to Locate Person Who Cruelly Maimed Birds with Projectiles

LA Times

Police in Newport Beach, California are investigating the shooting of several birds with a blowgun type projectile.

Police in Newport Beach are looking for whoever shot and maimed four different birds along the waterway in that area. The public has been asked to help in finding whoever is responsible for the gruesome acts which have left the birds alive, wounded, and still able to fly out of reach of those who would give them medical attention.

Animal control officers have located four birds: three Heermann’s gulls and a drake mallard that were shot in the head and neck area. Blowguns, which are illegal in the state of California, are the likely culprit.

Police spokesman Jennifer Manzella said, “I can’t fathom that kind of activity or why someone would want to do this. It’s just really sad”

Though many people in the area have reported seeing wounded birds, it’s not certain if they are seeing the same birds already spotted or if there are more animals that are wounded and needing of attention. Newport Beach is located in southern California and is just north of the Crystal Cove State Marine Conservation Area.

Google Maps
Google Maps

While it is unclear as to why someone would do this, the fact remains that birds were targeted. It could be the act of a young person with a “new blowgun” or an adult, but police in the area are saying that they have never seen anything like this.

Citizens that have seen injured birds are asked to call 949-644-3717 with information and location. Any information that could resolve this case can be made by contacting animal control officer Nick Ott at 949-644-3688, ext. 2716 or [email protected].


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California Police Trying to Locate Person Who Cruelly Maimed Birds with Projectiles