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California Mountain Lion Tranquilized After Roaming L.A. Schoolyard

A mountain lion caused a school lockdown after coming out of the hills in the Los Angeles area, with police and wildlife officials in hot pursuit.

This big mountain lion causes a school lockdown to be called after it was seen roaming Granada Hills, an L.A. suburb. Have a look at this quick video as KTLA5 news describes the unusual pursuit of this big cat.

Now that is a sight you don’t see every day, as this big cat roamed a suburban neighborhood. I guess it’s true, anything is possible in L.A.

Good to see the mountain lion was tranquilized successfully and relocated out into the wilderness, as this could of definitely ended badly for either cat, human, or both.

Where I live we often have black bears come out of the woods, and my kids’ school had a lockdown three years ago when a large bruin walked into the schoolyard, drawn no doubt by the big dumpsters out back full of discarded kid’s lunches.

I am glad to say the bear wandered off and the kids had a thrill with no one getting hurt.



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California Mountain Lion Tranquilized After Roaming L.A. Schoolyard