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California Man’s Body Eaten By Black Bear


The common black bear is a well-known omnivore that will eat anything from garbage, plants and animals, now add a Californian man’s corpse.

Marion Williams, age 65, appears to have died from a massive heart attack outside of his home, a trailer in a remote area of California. Authorities believe that a black bear came along, found the man’s dead body, and decided it would bring it back to its den and feast.

After an initial hunt and trapping attempt for the bear, the search for it was called off. The bear was acting natural as a scavenger as bears are known to do .

California does not have any reports of black bears killing people, but this has happened in other states on rare occasions. Black bears are generally shy creatures that avoid humans. They are well-known for their fondness for bird feeders and garbage cans so care must be taken in bear country with possible food sources.

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California Man’s Body Eaten By Black Bear