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California Man Attacked by Bear, Drives Himself to Hospital [VIDEO]

Apparently, a lap dog can save you from a 200-pound black bear.

Talk about a brutal way to wake up. Larry Yepez of Midpines, California had no idea that a black bear was on his front porch as he walked outside in the pre-dawn darkness.

Apparently perusing the contents of Yepez's trash, the bear lunged at him, grabbing him by the side of his face and knocking him down. The man had mere seconds to react, and he was able to escape a gruesome fate.

To what, or rather who, does Yepez credits his survival? His tiny Yorkshire terrier Benji.

How he had the ability to not only fight off a black bear, but then leave the safe confines of his home and drive himself to the hospital to be treated, I'll never  be able to fathom. Perhaps that's where his Marine background comes in.

Although the news reporter calls the bear "giant," Yepez noted that it was actually "just a cub."

Still, 200 pounds of black bear on top of you probably feels like 2,000 when you're on the (almost) losing end. Officials mention that, chances are, the bear will be euthanized if it is ever caught due to the severity of the attack.

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California Man Attacked by Bear, Drives Himself to Hospital [VIDEO]