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California Kayak Angler Nearly Becomes Hammerhead Food [VIDEO]

No matter how many times this hammerhead gets slammed with a kayak paddle, it just keeps coming back. Watch this harrowing attack. 

Mark McCracken was fishing for bonito off the southern coast of California on his kayak when he was approached by a very aggressive hammerhead.

McCracken slams his paddle over the hammerhead numerous times but the shark keeps circling, getting closer and closer.

The thing that makes this video intense is McCracken’s anxious breathing . As he continuously drives his paddle into the shark’s back he draws in rattling, nervous breaths, which makes it that much more intense and realistic. It’s like you’re there watching over the guy’s shoulder.

Mark starts to paddle back in with the angry shark in tow. The aggressive hammerhead followed him literally into shore.

McCraken said the hammerhead “followed me all the way into about three feet of water. Even after I got out of my kayak and made it to the beach he was sitting right there…it was pretty creepy.”

“I just beat up a shark. How was your day?”

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California Kayak Angler Nearly Becomes Hammerhead Food [VIDEO]