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California Foothills Man Punches a Bear in the Face to Save His Chihuahua [VIDEO]

A 73-year-old man fights off a hungry bear with nothing but his fists.

Most of us would turn and run when we see a wild bear getting too close to us, but not Carl Moore. Moore came face-to-face with a wild bear in a dramatic attempt to save his chihuahua, Lacey.

Instead of grabbing a shotgun or calling wildlife control, Moore ran over to the bear and punched it in the face.

Moore heard Lacy, his chihuahua, whining outside of his home only to find that a bear was interested in his baby. Moore states that Lacy is like his baby and that he would never sacrifice her to some bear. He took matters into his own hands by confronting the bear with physical violence. Two witnesses, John Sargent and Tyler Silva, were more than happy to express their disbelief and confirm the story.

“I raised both hands in the air and I cussed at him,” Moore said. “He turned and stood up like this and BOOM! I hit him hard. Tyler said I near corkscrewed his head.”

His friend John Sargent, who also lives with Moore could not believe how everything happened.

“Carl just smacks it, I couldn’t believe it,” Sargent said. According to Sargent and Moore, the bear took off rather quickly afterwards.

Sargent stated that Moore served as a Marine, has previously worked as a bouncer, and is a former boxer.

“This big right hand has sent a lot of people to the floor,” Moore said.

Despite the danger that Moore had put himself in trying to fend off a 300-pound bear, he says that he would do it all over again. Moore believes that this bear was the predator that has been feeding off of his chickens the last few weeks and was glad that he got to Lacy in time.

This bear will probably think twice before coming back to Moore’s property.

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California Foothills Man Punches a Bear in the Face to Save His Chihuahua [VIDEO]