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California Fisherman Hooks a Drone with a Great Cast [VIDEO]

california fisherman hooks a drone

We have heard of people shooting at drones but apparently now they’re trying to catch them as well. Check out what happens when this California fisherman hooks a drone.

A fisherman on a pier in Pacific Beach, California was fed up with a drone flying overhead last week while he was trying to fish. Fishing is supposed to be a calm and relaxing pastime and apparently the drone that was flying overhead was getting on his nerves.

So, he took matters into his own hands with the only appropriate tool he had available, a fishing rod. Check out what happens next from the drone’s point of view.


According to Tice Ledbetter, the owner of the drone, he was able to land successfully and recover the drone with only slight damage. Ledbetter said in his video description: “What a jerk! Gotta admit though, that cast was spot on!”

And just in case you were wondering what Ledbetter was trying to film, check out the following clip, it’s actually pretty nice.

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California Fisherman Hooks a Drone with a Great Cast [VIDEO]