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California Conservation Corps. Employee Gets Down For the Cause [VIDEO]

Watch as this California Conservation Corps. employee gets down with some gnarly outdoor dance moves in hopes of promoting awareness for youth programs and wildlife conservation.

John Griffith is the man. Otherwise known as “Totem Magic,” the California Conservation Corps. crew supervisor has a unique way to get people interested in conservation and the outdoors.

How unique? Well, check it out:

That guy can move! The greatest part of the dance, in our opinion, is the message behind it, one that Griffith has worked hard to convey.

For one, his book Totem Magic: Going MAD shares all its profits with wildlife care centers and organizations that promote ethnic, racial, and generational diversity within the conservation movement.

For another, his videos of these incredible dance moves have gone viral, and he’s doing all he can to make sure people view and share it with his conservation efforts front-of-mind.

There’s no doubt Griffith and his pals in the videos are to be commended for their work, especially when it includes eye-catching shimmies and shakes. They all deserve a pat on the back.

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California Conservation Corps. Employee Gets Down For the Cause [VIDEO]