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California Bans Coyote Hunts for Prizes

California hunters can no longer earn rewards for their coyote killing prowess.

The California Fish and Game Commission has banned the rewarding of prizes for coyote hunting. A petition drawn up by the advocacy group Project Coyote brought the vote before the Commission. The ban passed with a 4-1 vote, becoming the first of its kind in the country.

Coyote hunting contests are popular across many Western states, with most ranchers and landowners seeing them as a helpful way to help curb the exploding coyote population.

High numbers of these predators can cause great financial loss to ranchers, as well as cause a rapid decline in numbers of prey species (like whitetail deer) that are popular with millions of hunters.

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It's been reported that California cattle ranchers lost $4 million dollars in 2010 alone due to predation, most of which was due to coyotes.

What coyote advocates fail to consider, however, is the effect that a burgeoning coyote population has on the rest of the ecosystem. While coyotes play a key role in maintaining a healthy biological system, a large number of coyotes in a given area is a threat to a large number of other species.

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California Bans Coyote Hunts for Prizes