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Cage Diving Prank With Sharks Goes Wrong [VIDEO]

An Australian adrenaline junkie goes “cage diving” in shark infested waters and unsurprisingly brushes with death in this video.

The clip is from the Mad Hueys, a group of adrenaline junkies and fishermen that films themselves and their wild shenanigans on the water.

In the video, one of the Mad Hueys jumps into Snapper Rocks, a famous point break on the Gold Coast to go “cage diving.” That term is used liberally, as the cage is clearly just a medium-sized bird cage that he has placed over his head. The Jackass -style stunt backfires quickly when a 10-foot tiger shark swims by and tries to bite off his leg.

Check out the video to see what happens: 

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Speaking of sharks in Australia, the state of Western Australia has just begun a controversial shark culling program. The government has hired teams of fishermen to hunt sharks, following a series of fatal shark attacks in the area over the last three years.

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Cage Diving Prank With Sharks Goes Wrong [VIDEO]