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7 Reasons Why Cabela's is Better Than Bass Pro Shops [PICS]

If you could only shop at one outdoor store giant, here's why you should choose Cabela's.

While both Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops have the gear you need, Cabela's has taken shopping to a different level. A cross between museum and theme park, it's more than a store; its a destination.

Take a virtual tour with us to see what's in this amazing outdoor store.


1. Stores in more states.

Both Cabela's and Bass Pro are continually opening new stores, but Cabela's has more states covered.



Bass Pro Shops


2. Conservation Mountain

While both stores have taxidermy, Cabela's has mountains of mounts, literally. Giant displays showcase different animals from the varied environments of North America.


3. Gun Library

Showcasing antique and modern gun collections, the Cabela's Gun Library is a gun museum and the guns are for sale.


4. Bargain Cave

Great deals on discontinued and returned items can be found in the Bargain Cave.


5. Africa Mounts

The Africa displays are more than just stoic statues, they tell a story of life in Africa.


6. Deer Country

Deer Country is a collection of some of the biggest deer that ever lived. Housed in massive displays reminiscent of their natural homes, it is a sight to see.


 7. Food

The deli has wild game entrees, there is fresh fudge made daily at the fudge shop and it's guaranteed you'll have a table with atmosphere.


Not convinced? Take the Virtual Tour of Cabela's largest store located in Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

Images via Cabela's Virtual Tour, unless specified

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7 Reasons Why Cabela's is Better Than Bass Pro Shops [PICS]