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California Wildlife Department Uses “Save Our Water” Website for Conservation Efforts

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The Save Our Water website teaches Californians about water conservation.

The California Department of Water Resources created the Save Our Water site to provide practical, shareable information to help Californians conserve water. It will now be translated into a full Spanish site to be able to reach out to California’s substantial Spanish speaking population.

“Save Our Water and are great resources for Californians to help combat this extraordinary drought,” said Jennifer Persike, Deputy Executive Director for External Affairs of the Association of California Water Agencies.

Save Our Water was started in 2009, but with water restrictions at an all time high, it’s needed now more than ever. California’s fourth driest year comes after three years of severe drought, and new laws aiming to improve the state’s water efficiency came too late to offer immediate relief. Some residents have gone more than five months without running water in especially hard-hit areas.

Save Our Water takes an approach that should help in the short and long term by teaching Californians how they can reduce their own water usage. The website offers tips for conserving water around the home, and activities to engage with audiences. The initiative has also tried to spread its message through social media.

The drought has hit home for sportsmen, too. Earlier this year the state closed several central coastal rivers to protect steelhead and coho salmon struggling to survive the several years of drought. Water flow in several streams fell to the point that sandbars were blocking the fish from reaching their spawning grounds upstream. With two thirds of the present California coho population in immediate danger of extirpation, every measure that may help preserve them is a welcome one.

A stream of water trickles on the bottom of the Almaden Reservoir near San Jose

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With efforts like Save the Water, there may be hope that California can turn the dire situation around. For the betterment of fisheries, water supplies and Californians everywhere, something needs to change, and change soon.

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California Wildlife Department Uses “Save Our Water” Website for Conservation Efforts