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Would You Buy “Artisanal Firewood?” [VIDEO]

Tongue-in-cheek Canadian video pitches artisanal firewood for $1,000 apiece.

It seems like everything is “handcrafted” and “artisanal” these days. The Canadian satire program “This Is That,” which mimics the style and serious nature of interview shows, has something to say about it.

Here they are pitching “artisanal firewood” at $1,000 per log.


The story goes that Jesse Horne, founder of Vancouver’s Smoke & Flame, was frustrated by the inferior, $5.99 plastic-tied firewood available at gas stations. He decided to try something different.

Jesse Horne says: “My customers want to know that they’re burning quality wood and they are happy to pay a little bit more to achieve that.”

Well, we missed our calling, evidently. My firewood pile in the backyard must be worth billions by now…

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Would You Buy “Artisanal Firewood?” [VIDEO]