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Butchering a Gigantic Alligator Without Wasting an Ounce

Deer Meat For Dinner

If you’re thinking about butchering an alligator on your own, you should watch this.

Remember the first time that you decided to take on the challenge of butchering your first deer, daunting wasn’t it? Now imagine skinning out and butchering an alligator from start to finish, even more of a freighting task, where do you even begin?

Watch Robert Arrington show you how to easily skin and butcher a gator without wasting an ounce of meat.

Awesome video and great tutorial, Robert!

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If you’re a diehard bowhunter, than you might just want to add alligator hunting to your list of future hunts, because it is definitely an action packed adrenaline rush. Check out this 13-ft gator that was harvested by a bowhunter last week in east Texas and took two hours to land. Gator hunting without a doubt combines the best parts of bowhunting and fishing into one explosive event. You’ve got to give it a try, I know it’s on my list!


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Butchering a Gigantic Alligator Without Wasting an Ounce