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How to Butcher a Turkey [VIDEO]

Looking for a quick and easy way to remove the meat from that turkey you just harvested? Check out this video to find out all about how to butcher a turkey.

Turkey season is here and there are thousands of hunters out in the woods (or wherever they may be hanging out) looking for that big gobbler. However, bagging your turkey is just the first step. Though butchering a turkey is not nearly as much work as butchering a deer or an elk, it can still be a tedious and messy task if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Luckily, this video provides some great information on how to butcher a turkey quickly and easily.


Well there you go: fresh turkey breast and legs with minimal hassle and no need to pluck or even field dress the turkey. Just make sure you do this as soon as possible after harvesting your turkey to avoid meat spoilage, especially if the weather outside is warm.

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How to Butcher a Turkey [VIDEO]