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How to Be Your Own Butcher [INFOGRAPHIC]

Learn which parts of your deer are best for which meal. Become your own butcher.

 Hunters put in time and effort in preparing for their hunts. Once they are successful in bringing down a deer, they take it straight to the local processor and pay them to process their meat.

This way is easier and there is less margin for error when you employ a professional. But maybe you should cut out the middle man and learn to process your own deer.

DIY butchering for hunters is becoming more popular. Learn what cuts are good for what meals and then take a class with a local butcher, if offered in your local area.

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Be your own butcher and feel good about being completely self-sustainable.

Check out some venison recipes to be the ultimate wild game chef while you are at it.


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How to Be Your Own Butcher [INFOGRAPHIC]