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Butcher for a Day: Making Sausage [VIDEO]

Learn by doing at Feral, a DIY butcher. This time, I learned how to make sausage.

I recently spent the day at Feral, a DIY butchering workspace where you can process your own game.

John, a local hunter, came in to learn how to make sausage. I helped, a little.


After we ground up the spiced pork chunks from the leftover trimmings, we used the sausage stuffer to put the ground pork in sausage casings.


John walked away that day with summer sausage, breakfast sausage, and some plain ground sausage with the sow that he brought down earlier in the year.

You can’t be any more self-sustaining than that!

If you are a hunter in the Austin, Texas area, learn how to process your own meats by contacting Chris Houston at Feral.

Learn how to be your own butcher.

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Butcher for a Day: Making Sausage [VIDEO]