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Busting the Myth of Steel Target Ricochet One Experiment at a Time

One common misconception surrounding steel targets is the idea that they cause bullets to ricochet. 

Safety is paramount when it comes to firearm usage, so even myths about safety should be taken seriously.

However, one of the most common myths is that steel targets ricochet, leading to dangerous bullet fragments flying all over space and time. Well, not really, but you see the point.

In this video, that myth is put to the test.

As you saw, that video explains, in great and short detail, why steel targets don’t ricochet. The first reason is that when a bullet hits steel, it fragments and goes into about 1,000 little pieces.

Additionally, most RS targets are designed and constructed at a downward angle so the exploding fragments go straight down with no harm done to the user. What was awesome about this particular video is that the target was set up in water so we could see the fragments going into the water around the target, causing huge splash points.

He also mentions that even when shooting a steel target in the dirt, you can notice tiny holes or trench-like features around the base of the target where the bullet fragments hit repetitively.



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Busting the Myth of Steel Target Ricochet One Experiment at a Time