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Bushcrafting a Survival Bow Without Equipment [VIDEO]

Making a survival bow in the bush with basic bushcrafting gear is hard enough, but doing it with no equipment at all is insane.

Our ancestors have used bows since their creation 64,000 years ago. Unlike today’s bows, which are made from synthetic materials, our ancestors collected, processed, and assembled their bows from the natural materials around them.

What we consider a survival bow today was their primary weapon. It allowed them to hunt way more effectively than other methods at the time.

The guys at Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft decided to take on the challenge of making a survival bow without any modern tools or equipment. The materials they collected and their techniques are pretty impressive. Check out the video to see how they did!

I am very impressed this survival bow shot even once, much less multiple times. I thought the limb or the roots he used would definitely snap under that much pressure. Surprisingly, it all held together and actually had some decent power behind it.

Creating a bow in the bush is on the top of my list for this summer. I have tried bushcrafting a few items without any real success, other than making some very good fire-hardened arrows.

Maybe I will take a shot at the route this guy took. If I pull it off, I will be sure to share the experience with you.

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Bushcrafting a Survival Bow Without Equipment [VIDEO]