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Bushcraft Guru Ray Mears Changes Gears in Australia

Ray Mears fans might come away with something new in his upcoming Australian TV series.

Once in a while we all need a jump start. Something to stir the passion within us. We tend to get stale and a new challenge is a helpful remedy. Challenges test us and teach us more about ourselves and our passions. The need to rejuvenate is apparently driving the new Ray Mears TV series.

Ray Mears is known for his bushcraft and survival approach to TV. For those of us interested in these skills, his shows have been a wealth of knowledge. He also typically includes bits of history that go along with his bushcraft to add depth to the content. In the past his viewers could always hope to come away with more usable knowledge than before they watched.

Don’t expect to come away with an abundance of new survival tips from his new show however.

When Mears headed to Australia to begin filming he had one thing on his mind; nature.

“It’s very diverse. It’s so different here; the plants, the trees, the birds, the sounds of the birds – it’s so different, you feel like an 18th century naturalist when you go to Australia,” Mears explained.

It is his passion for wildlife and knowledge of those strange creatures on display in Wild Australia.

In reality the show is still about Ray’s underlying drive to “make the woods a place to live, not just visit from time to time.”

In most cases folks interested in bushcraft focus on the skills portion of the endeavor. We spend most of our time learning how to make fire, build a shelter, make tools, and so on. These skills are great, but are only half the puzzle if you share Mears’ desire to “live in the woods.”

Knowledge of the living creatures in an area, beyond simply “Hey, that’s a raccoon,” helps complete the other half of the picture for woodsmen.

So if you are a Ray Mears fan, put the fire kit away for a few episodes and open your mind to the wonders of life. Better yet, turn off the TV and head out in your own neck of the woods to the incredible creation that surrounds us all.



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Bushcraft Guru Ray Mears Changes Gears in Australia