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Busch Beer Fishing Cans Return with a Chance to Land a Trophy [PICS]


Catch one of these Busch Beer fishing cans, and you could get lucky.

Busch beer just announced on their Facebook page that the return of their popular fishing cans is near, with details soon to follow.

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According to this article from the start of last hunting season, the beer company did a similar promotion with deer, duck and elk silhouettes , and used fishing cans in 2012.

Beer drinkers who found the trophies were encouraged to post pictures of themselves with the can on Busch’s social media platforms, making them eligible for cool prizes, including outdoor gear and trips.


Based on the image Busch shared, it looks like this year will include a walleye, trout and crappie can.

Busch has made a push for more attention lately, driven by their relatively new tagline, ‘Here’s to earning it,’ which is helping them tap into the blue collar, working class sector of the drinking demographic.

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Be on the lookout for these cool fishing cans soon, and pay attention to Busch’s Facebook page and website for more information once the promotion officially starts.

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Busch Beer Fishing Cans Return with a Chance to Land a Trophy [PICS]