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Burglar Scared Away By Big Mouth Billy Bass

The best line of defense against burglary? Not an AR-15 or 12-gauge shotgun; rather, the Big Mouth Billy Bass.

Not really, but that was the case for the Hooked on Fishing bait shop in Rochester, Minnesota earlier this week. The Star Tribune reported that a would-be burglar was scared off by a motion-activated Big Mouth Billy Bass, a toy fish that sings the perennial favorites, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” and “Take Me To The River.”

The store’s owners had their Big Mouth Billy Bass set to motion activation by the shop’s front door to greet customers when they walked in. Little did they know their Big Mouth Billy Bass would work as an effective burglar detterent. Apparently, the thief knocked the toy to the ground and ran out of the store without taking anything — not even the cash that was left out in a visible spot.

“There were plenty of things to take but nothing was missing,” Olmsted County Sheriff Sgt. Tom Claymon said. “…other than Billy’s pride.”

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If you’re unfamiliar with Big Mouth Billy Bass, this video will bring you up to speed.

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Burglar Scared Away By Big Mouth Billy Bass