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Gear Review: Bullseye AmmoCam Makes Target Shooting Easy

bullseye ammocam
All Images Courtesy of Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC.

The Bullseye AmmoCam camera allows shooters to clearly see their shots on target without ever leaving the shooting bench.

Target shooting, whether to sight in a rifle for deer season or just for the fun of shooting, isn’t always a simple task. Shot placement and points of impact can be difficult to see on target especially when shooting at longer ranges. Binoculars and spotting scopes can help, but still offer issues with clearly seeing shots.

If only there was a way to get a clear and up close image of the target without taking a hike downrange. That is where the Bullseye AmmoCam camera comes into play.

bullseye ammocam

I was recently able to test out a Bullseye AmmoCam for myself when the company sent one my way. After running the camera system through its paces, I came away quite impressed. Gone were the days of guessing where my shots were impacting the target and making the long trek downrange to take a closer look.

The Bullseye AmmoCam is simple to set up, a breeze to use, and adds a level of convenience to target shooting that has been missing for a long time.

The AmmoCam is a self-contained camera with a point-to-point wireless system that streams video to compatible devices including tablets, laptops, and smartphones. The camera creates its own WiFi network, connects to any compatible device, and then streams live video to that device. This does not require any cell phone service or monthly fees.

bullseye ammocam

If that sounds confusing or complicated to use at all, I can assure you that it is neither of those two things. During my test of the camera, I was able to get the system up and running within a matter of minutes. Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC provides a wonderful set of easy to understand instructions with each AmmoCam that makes setup simple and intuitive.

The Process

Using the Bullseye AmmoCam is not going to add any unnecessary time to your set up at the range before shooting. The only thing you need to do is to download the free software from the company’s website to your chosen device.

Once at the range, simply set the camera up near your target using the included stand, turn it on, and head back to the shooting bench. Then fire up your device, and connect to the Bullseye AmmoCam network through the device’s WiFi option.

Bullseye AmmoCam_Bench Shooter_iPad

Once you are connected to the camera’s network, boot up the software, and a couple of clicks later you will be ready to start shooting. I won’t go through the full process of using the software in this review for the sake of space, but rest assured that it is not complicated and the included instructions are more than enough to explain it. However, if you did need more help, the company’s website has a full page of instructional videos.

Ready for Shooting

The very simple and easy set up process had me feeling a bit leery to start shooting. There was no way it could be this easy, was there? From past experience with technology, I was expecting and bracing for some sort of hiccup along the way. I’m happy to say that that never happened.

The video feed of my target was playing on my laptop as clear as day. Once I confirmed that, I loaded my rifle and took my first shot at the target. Once a shot impacts the target, the Bullseye Ammocam software really begins to shine.

Each shot is highlighted by the software and will blink repeatedly on the screen until you are ready for your next shot. This makes it incredibly easy to not only see your point of impact, but also to make any necessary adjustments to your scope.

Bullseye AmmoCam_Pistol Shooter_iPad

I want to point out here that I was using plain paper targets during my test, which are notoriously hard to see shots on especially in the bright, sunny conditions I was shooting in.

Having the Bullseye Ammocam downrange made my shooting experience downright pleasant. Not to say that any time spent at the range isn’t pleasant, but considering the fact that I was also sighting in a new scope, I could not have been happier with my experience.

Other Features

The included software has several other useful features. These include the ability to create multiple profiles for different shooters, load in and save different guns and ammunition types, and look back at older shooting sessions saved in the history.

The camera itself is also a versatile piece of equipment. The night vision capabilities make it great for low light shooting as well as for portable security purposes.

Final Words

After putting the Bullseye Ammocam through its paces, my overall conclusion is that it is an innovative and very useful piece of equipment for target shooters of all types. It works without any issues, has an impressive array of features, and best of all, it does exactly what it is advertised to do.

One slight downfall for some people might be the price. The basic version of the camera retails for around $349 while the long range edition goes for $649. (The company also offers a two year warranty for $29.95 that does cover possible bullet damage to the camera).

Those prices are easy to balk at, and may get some people thinking that they could buy a new gun for that price. However, when you consider the ease the camera will provide during every trip to the range, the prices are easier to digest.

Bullseye AmmoCam_OnStand

Despite that, the Bullseye Ammocam might be best purchased by shooters who spend a lot of time at the range or who are shooting at extreme distances.

If you are one of those types of shooters, the Ammocam will easily become one of your favorite pieces of shooting gear!


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Gear Review: Bullseye AmmoCam Makes Target Shooting Easy