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Bullets vs. Propeller in Slow Motion

propeller in slow motion
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You’ll be amazed by how beautiful it is when a bullet passes through a spinning propeller in slow motion.

If you think back to the first days of using airplanes as weapons and what actually had to happen for planes to shoot each other down, it’s quite amazing that anyone ever managed to do it. The first fighter planes had one stick to control the plane and another, seperate stick to control the guns; this was so that the bullets from the weapons didn’t shoot and damage the plane’s own propellers. But everything changed when the syncronized firing system was developed.

You can see exactly what that means in this amazing slow-motion video.

As The Slo Mo Guys said, the plane’s propellers are actually spinning at a rate about six times that of the test that was shown, but that means that the machine guns and the propellers had to be even more in sync and accurate. It’s amazing to think that that technology was invented and around during The Great War, and it’s even more incredible to think about some of the new technology that has been developed for fighter planes since that time.

If you think this is exciting you should really go check out Battlefield I which encouperates all of the shooting and technology of the time into an amazing piece of gaming.

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Bullets vs. Propeller in Slow Motion