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Bullets Destroyed with a Popcorn Popper on Steroids [VIDEO]


After seeing over 2,000 bullets destroyed in this device, you will never look at a popcorn popper the same way again.

There is no other information attached to this video than the title, “Destroying of 2000 bullets.”

But the sound and building frenzy of pops is still pretty awesome to witness. Imagine 4th of July fireworks contained in a giant cylinder with a few side vents to release dragon flame and billowing smoke. What’s not to like?

We don’t know where or why this batch of bullets is being destroyed, what caliber they are, or even how exactly the fireworks start. And frankly, we don’t even really know if this is a video of bullets being discharged in the container. But it sure looks like it.

Popcorn anyone?

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Bullets Destroyed with a Popcorn Popper on Steroids [VIDEO]