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Bulletproof Suit Classes Up the Kevlar Vest [VIDEO]

A slick new bulletproof suit from a Canadian clothing retailer gives you looks that can kill, or at least, keep you from getting killed.

Like something Q would cook up for James Bond, the suit from Garrison Bespoke promises to keep the wearer safe from gun-toting villains in the world’s most dangerous places.

Designed in conjunction with suppliers for the U.S. 19th Special Forces, the suit is comprised of a carbon nanotubes similar to those used in U.S. military uniforms. The material is thin and flexible, and fifty percent lighter than Kevlar. When struck, the nanotubes in the fabric harden to prevent a bullet from penetrating.


The suit is meant as a more stylish and comfortable alternative to bulky body armor, allowing the wearer to safely attend high-profile meetings and formal functions without looking out of place.

The designers at Garrison Besposke say the suit can stop a .22, 9 mm, or  .45-caliber bullet, and that claim has been put to the test. In a report by CityNews Toronto, the suit is draped over a mannequin and shot several times with a 9 mm handgun at close range. Unbuttoning the jacket shows that no bullet has gone through.

The suit will cost $20,000, but Garrison Bespoke says you can’t put a price on the safety it affords you. A long list of affluent clients looking for a little peace of mind in not so peaceful areas apparently agree.

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Bulletproof Suit Classes Up the Kevlar Vest [VIDEO]