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The Bullet That Could Make 3D Printed Guns Practical Deadly Weapons

3D printed guns can now be used repeatedly with the right ammunition.

3D printed guns have steadily begun to gain popularity over the last year, even though they have a major limitation. The plastic used to manufacture these firearms is just not strong enough to contain the explosive concussion caused when a round is fired. The cheap plastic greatly reduces the life of the firearm when used with conventional ammunition.

Have no worries, 25-year-old amateur gunsmith Michael Crumling of York, Pennsylvania has seemingly solved the problem with 3D printed guns.

Crumling has developed ammunition that is specifically designed to be fired from a 3D printed gun. The ammunition uses a thick steel case with a lead bullet that is set inside the shell an inch.

When fired, the round absorbs the concussive forces of the explosion instead of transferring it into the plastic of the firearm.

Crumling’s round allows repeated use of a 3D printed gun and could even allow 3D printed guns to be designed in a semi-automatic form. No visible damage was found to the printed weapon after firing 19 rounds.

“It’s a really simple concept: It’s kind of a barrel integrated into the shell, so to speak. Basically it removes all the stresses and pressures from the 3D printed parts. You should be able to fire an unlimited number of shots through the gun without replacing any parts other than the shell,” Crumling stated in a recent interview from

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The weapon and ammunition are both legal under the National Firearms Act. Crumling would have to obtain a Federal Firearms License if he ever decides to market the ammunition for public sale.

Crumling’s design now shows that printed weapons are no longer impractical and could be designed to be multiple use weapons. 3D printed guns could possibly be the future of the firearms industry.

What are your thoughts on the creation of this new round that could serve to bring reliably to 3D printed guns?

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The Bullet That Could Make 3D Printed Guns Practical Deadly Weapons