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Bullet Bouquets for That Special Shooter in Your Life [PICS]

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Looking for that perfect gift for someone special who loves guns? Look no further than the bullet bouquet.

Around Valentine's Day a man named Josh Geho made a unique gift for his girlfriend and posted it on the popular website Reddit. He created a bouquet of flowers out of spent bullet casings. Very romantic for any girl who loves guns right?

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Artist and avid shooter, Anthony Zambai, saw the cool looking project. After noticing all of the "I would totally buy that!" comments, his mind began to turn. Being a business man as well, he saw the potential for how these unique flowers could be turned in a profitable gift idea.


Within a time span of three days he built prototypes, designed a website, created a Facebook page, came up with a marketing campaign, and opened for business. That is some serious work in that short amount of time, but so far it seems to be paying off for him.

bullet bouquet

The bullet bouquets are made from carefully shot and recovered hollow point bullets. The way they expand on impact causes them to take on a flower-like appearance. Anthony then attaches a copper stem, drops them into some spent casing soil, and BOOM you have flower bullets.

What makes these really unique is that no two buds are exactly the same, as each expands and impacts differently. These are available in bouquets of three to a dozen flowers, complete with a flower pot from $33.95 to $94.95.


The flower buds and flower pots are also available separately if you are looking to make your own projects with them.

This type of thing just goes to show you how far a little creativity can get you. Not to mention this is a great reason to spend a whole lot of time at the range.

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Bullet Bouquets for That Special Shooter in Your Life [PICS]