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Bulldogs Confront Black Bear in Backyard of NH Home [VIDEO]

Watch as two bold bulldogs confront a hungry black bear.

The black bear in this video thought he was all alone while he was stealing a snack from a birdfeeder in the backyard of a New Hampshire home. That was until two fiesty bulldogs came busting through a neighboring fence confront him.

Bulldogs have a long history running down big game animals. In the 1800’s, bulldogs were used in bull-baiting and bear-bating, two vicious blood sports that have since been outlawed. Bulldogs were trained to bite into the bull or bear and drag it to the ground. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the two bulldogs in the video weren’t afraid to run down the black bear.

A few days ago we shared another video about dogs and bear that you might like. In that story, a polar bear formed a special friendship between with a pack of Canadian sled dogs. The bear initially tried to eat the sled dogs, but quickly changed its mind and decided to become their friends instead. Their friendship lasted for a number of years.

Have you ever seen a black bear in your backyard?

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Bulldogs Confront Black Bear in Backyard of NH Home [VIDEO]