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This Bulldog Fails Horribly at Catching Pond Fish

This bulldog is determined to catch these goldfish. Perhaps he will have better luck next time.

There is something hilarious about watching animals with poor motor skills attempt to chase animals they are likely not going to catch. In this case, we are dealing with a bulldog and a whole mess of goldfish!

Watch the video below to see this hyped-up pooch try his hand at fishing.

As you can see, his attempt started off pretty focused. He kept his eyes on the fish and was tracking them back and forth on the dock. Sadly things began to go down hill as he tried to reach down and scoop one out.

That proved to be a bad move. As his front paw hits the water, he loses traction and slips headfirst into the water.

I am pretty sure at this moment he knew something had went terribly wrong. Better luck next time, pooch!



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This Bulldog Fails Horribly at Catching Pond Fish