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Bull Trout Make a Comeback in Oregon’s Clackamas River [VIDEO]

This short video shows the historic reintroduction of bull trout to one of Oregon’s most pristine ecosystems.

Bull trout are a threatened species in the US, but are making a comeback with reintroduction efforts in Oregon.

Check out this video from the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and be proud of the work these folks are doing.

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“Bull trout are one of the purest, cleanest, wild-living organisms that we have in the aquatic system,” says former bull trout reintroduction project coordinator Patrick Barry. “It’s an apex predator, so you don’t find them in great abundance, but when you do find them it just indicates that so many other things are balanced. It’s the completion of the ecosystem.”

The Pacific branch of the USFW recently reintroduced bull trout back into the river. This video features some beautiful footage of the bull trout reintroduction program and describes the program’s history.

What do reintroduction efforts like this mean to you as an angler?

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Bull Trout Make a Comeback in Oregon’s Clackamas River [VIDEO]